Making valuation days easier

Increase the number, value and size of your auctions with Snoofa’s valuation days function.

From start to finish (and all the important bits in between)
Snoofa makes your valuation days more productive

Easy-to-track business data

Find out instantly how all valuation bookings are performing. From popular dates to the cost per conversion, stay in the know with quick-look business intelligence.

Quick valuation day set up

It's so easy. Just pop in your date and location. Then a page will be automatically added to your website.

Instant client accounts

A password protected area is automatically created for every client. Here they can keep track of their appointment using their own space on your website.

Automated customer reminders

Communication is key to keeping clients happy - and making sure they haven't forgotten about their appointment! Snoofa sends customer reminders by text and email.

Better booking pages

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Google adverts, your customer will be taken to simplified booking pages. These have all the info without anything to distract. We've found they make people more likely to then book and keep their appointments.

Get organised

Snoofa creates a schedule for your valuation days. It shows areas where clients may need more time, and has quick action buttons where you can create consignment agreements or make notes. As with all pages on Snoofa, this is a responsive design that you can use on an iPad or phone, making life on the road much easier.