Simple and affordable monthly prices

No percentages, no hidden costs, just a simple and transparent choice based on your business needs.

Which auction house are you?

Select whether you are a general, specialist or department auction house from the options below.

Lot 1

For general, non-departmental auction houses.

£250 / Month plus a negotiable auction fee.

Lot 2

For specialist auction houses.

£500 / Month plus £250 per auction.

Lot 3

For multi-department auction houses.

£1000 / Month plus £250 per auction.

Check out the list
of features


Valuation day system
Auto-extend for timed auction
Valuation proposal with .pdf creation
Bids can be placed up until the last second
Helpful tags and filters
Sophisticated messaging service
Browser based - work on the road
Exports to Mailchimp for auction announcements
Supports live and timed auctions
Deep business intelligence
Sophisticated permissions to restrict access based on roles
Minimal changes needed to client website, allowing you to keep your unique identity
Client portal for vendors, buyers, online valuations and appointments
Online valuation system (for clients wanting an express option)
Clear, crisp easy to follow screens
Customization available

Taking care of business

There’s really no need for any extra add-ons. Snoofa does everything an auction house needs.
And because it’s all integrated, each department works hand-in-hand. From sending out
invoices to achieving the highest bids, it’s a streamlined process that makes everything easier.

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Although I do not yet use the technology, the demonstration reminded me of Tesla technology in an arena full of Model T Fords!

Jeremy Lamond
Director, Halls

There is nothing on the market that comes close to the transformative power of Snoofa.

James Buchanan
Director, Amati

How does Snoofa help?

This software is designed to automate the repetitive actions that are such a feature of auctioneering. Dramatically reducing the burden on staff and also reducing the capacity for human error.

  • Not all auction houses will want to use the valuation day tool, but for those who do it can be transformative.
  • Experience shows that it is an exceptionally powerful piece of functionality.