Setting up an auction is easy

Timed and live auctions can be created in seconds. And we’ve got a whole set of useful features to help with everything else.

Our tool gives the useful quick-look business intelligence you
need to see how you can set up the auctions.

Easier cataloguing

You can record all your sale items - estimate, status, extra details - and then assign to an auction. Lotting up can quickly be done in batch or drag-and-drop actions.

Safer previewing

Our handy preview tool lets you put an auction live and check everything is correct, but keeps it protected from public view until you’re 100% happy.

Live auctions

Bids can come in online until the point of the hammer coming down, so there is no need for third party streaming services.

Useful business data

Each auction logs key statistics on an easy to read and visual summary page.

We’ve thought of everything

  • Snoofa is a huge help for auctioneers that work internationally. By using translated templates, this software sends out email and text communications for you and creates pre-translated landing pages for different locations.
  • We have massively reduced the repetitive admin normally required in auctioneering. Our cataloguing, sales and aftersales tools will free you up to get on with your other business.

Post Auction Summary


Instantly understand the status for individual Lots and the auction as a whole.

Stage of the process

The lines can be organised by either vendors or buyers. This makes it clear what actions need to take place, making it easier to determine at what stage of the process buyers are and which buyers need to be reminded or chased for payment.

Client detail

A hover-over box allows you to view and edit client details quickly, without having to leave the summary screen.