About Us

Snoofa is designed to do everything an auction house needs. It makes life easier by taking away the repetitive tasks, and gives you the tools to make your business the best it can be.

The Snoofa Team


Sarah Buchanan


Having started her auctioneering career at Christie’s where she was PA to the Chairman, Sarah worked for the Goldsmith family before setting up and running Amati Auctions from 2011. Sarah brings a clarity of mind and calm which has proved invaluable over the years. She has two daughters. Nobody is better under stress.


Tony Vlcek


Our young computer genius structured the business logic under-pinning Snoofa. By the end of Snoofa V1, Tony had produced software that should have taken fifty engineers to build. Now he supervises a team of ten and is pulling together V3. Tony has the rare gift of explaining difficult processes simply.


David Findlay

Senior Consultant

David is an auction veteran. With nearly three decades in the industry, he was previously at Christie's as International Director of IT solutions. David has been based in Melbourne, New York and London, as well as working extensively in Asia. His past experience also includes: art specialist, strategy and M&A, overseeing transformation and business change, in operations and subsidiary businesses.


James Buchanan


James has over 20 years’ experience at auction houses. He has worked at Bonham's and ran the music department at Christie's before setting up and running two of his own auction companies, Brompton’s and Amati. As a result, James was crushingly aware of the problems that existing software was causing the industry. When caffeinated James has a lot of ideas, - some of them useful - and has unrivalled enthusiasm for giving online auction technology the boost it needs.


Waseem Bashir

User Experience and Data Management

Our brilliant MSc computer science graduate has been instrumental in making our business data and user experience journey a success. Previously working for business intelligence at BNP Paribas, Waseem is an important part of our team (although he doesn’t like to be called at midnight on a Sunday when James has an idea)


John Smith*

From the very beginning, Snoofa knew it would have to invest heavily in server infrastructure. The system simply could not crash. We had to bag the best Dev-Ops man we could find. With an MSc in computer science from an exceptional university, Snoofa were thrilled to have discovered John Smith. Calm, precise and capable of utterly stable systems, it was no surprise that two years later, Smith was flown 2000 miles around the world to be poached by Google. However Smith continues to advise his Snoofa replacement on Dev Ops and has made the Snoofa transition to GCP and the Google infrastructure effortless. This man is a rock-star and has enabled Snoofa to be at the front of developments in the server world. *not his real name.


Adam Russell

Adam’s most significant technology roles were at Christie’s where he worked for six years. On leaving Christie’s Adam’s focus has been on software testing, studying development languages and practices that govern them. Adam’s role for months has been to hit Snoofa with a metaphorical hammer and try to break it, communicating any issues he encounters in a way that the development team can understand.


Oswald Knight


Five years in the auction industry has given Oswald an insight into most of the issues that come up in running an auction house. Oswald is probably the person you are most likely to talk to if you call the office.


The wider team

The wider team are all experts in their respective fields. Of the five developers there are four MSc and one BSc graduate in specialisms varying from System Engineering to Applied Cybernetics. These people are engineers, not ‘techies’.Our complicated system has been made to look effortlessly elegant thanks to this amazing team.

This is Tesla technology in an arena full of Model T Fords!

Jeremy Lamond
Director, Halls

There is nothing on the market that comes close to the transformative power of Snoofa.

James Buchanan
Director, Amati

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From the very beginning repetitive tasks were identified and tools built to automate them.